Monday, July 4, 2016

Introduction To Video Eze Connect

Hello Reader,

I've been around the blogging community since sometime in 2008 when I started my Worm Bin Composting blog.  Worms are actually where I started it all...

  • Building websites
  • Video
  • YouTube
  • Blogging
Essentially I had no idea what I was doing or even what I wanted to accomplish.  I just knew I wanted to learn about this internet thing because my gut told me it was the next thing.  Little did I know it was going to be the only thing.

Now if you are in business, any business, you have to have an online presence.  And not just online, but a social presence as well.  There are still some businesses out there that haven't figured that out.  Surprisingly, some are still in business.  If they only knew what a well strategized online presence could do for their business they would be looking for the people who could make it happen for them.



YouTube is the second largest search engine right behind, you guessed it...Google.  And who owns YouTube?  

Get a Gmail account, setup your YouTube channel, and then don't forget Google+ and you have a ready made syndicate of social sharing that is so quick and easy, you are foolish if you haven't set up at least this meager arrangement of connections.

Stick with me here and I will help you navigate the simple structure of getting yourself noticed in the online market today.

Christy Ruffner

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