Tuesday, July 5, 2016

You Can't Win if You Don't Get in the Game

You Can't Win at Anything if You Don't Participate

One of the most powerful realizations I have when I look at where I have come is how I have gotten to where I am now.

  • I have spent a lot of money on training and programs and tools.
  • I have dug deep and bared my soul.
  • I have worried and stressed over wasted time and money
  • And I have felt like I have failed way more than I have succeeded.
But at the end of the day I see how far I've come.  That each failure has reaped many rewards as well.

No Journey Can End Before it's Begun

You Don't Have to be Great to Get Started
But You Have to Get Started to Be Great

I wouldn't be where I am today if I hadn't decided to just get started.  I had no idea of how to build a website, or FTP, or coding or any of that stuff.  I had no idea about building a business online, driving traffic, keyword optimization.  The internet was still pretty new when I got started and I was spending money on things I had no idea what to do with.  And I did nothing with them.  But I didn't stop.  I kept looking and searching and learning bit by bit.  Little by little things started falling into place, and as they did things changed.  It was a never ending, changing landscape of technology.

I found it ironic that my very first website was about something so down to earth as worm composting - vermiculture.  It was a passion I found easy to talk about and easier to put to video.  And people loved it. 

I don't worm farm anymore, but people are still subscribing to my YouTube channel.  It has been years since I uploaded a video.  That's the power of video.

Some people will never get started

Some people will wait forever because of the limitations they put on themselves.  And video is probably the biggest stumbling block for the biggest majority.  And yet, if they would step outside their comfort zone and learn video, the results would amaze them.

Video is a journey every marketer must make.  In fact, no matter what business you're in, video will take it to the next level.  Because of it's interactive nature people are drawn to it.  It is passive, yet aggressive if done properly.  It can motivate, move, inspire and shock.  The statistics are staggering, but all you have to do is look around you and you will see the evidence of the effectiveness of video.

Video Eze Connect Can Take the Pain Out of Video

I love to create video.  I'm not a natural in front of the camera.  But when you have tools you don't have to be.  You don't even have to be on camera to produce a great effective video.  But you do have to decide it's something you're going to do.

Here's a sample of what Video Eze Connect can do...and so much more.

Video Eze Connect makes it easy to do video.

It's time to do it...


Monday, July 4, 2016

Introduction To Video Eze Connect

Hello Reader,

I've been around the blogging community since sometime in 2008 when I started my Worm Bin Composting blog.  Worms are actually where I started it all...

  • Building websites
  • Video
  • YouTube
  • Blogging
Essentially I had no idea what I was doing or even what I wanted to accomplish.  I just knew I wanted to learn about this internet thing because my gut told me it was the next thing.  Little did I know it was going to be the only thing.

Now if you are in business, any business, you have to have an online presence.  And not just online, but a social presence as well.  There are still some businesses out there that haven't figured that out.  Surprisingly, some are still in business.  If they only knew what a well strategized online presence could do for their business they would be looking for the people who could make it happen for them.